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Umysł-język-świat 2012

Extracurricular course (30h)
Cognitive Science Ist year
Lecture (EN): 15h
Classes (EN/PL): 15h
spring semester 2012/13;
Thursdays, 8:00-9:30.

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[14.XII.2012] W związku z Państwa pytaniami informuję, że przedmiot będzie się odbywał (w odróżnieniu od wykładu ze "Wstępu...") w formule: język angielski z wyjaśnieniami w języku polskim (gdy będzie sygnalizowana przez Państwa taka potrzeba).  
[14.XII.2012] Sylabus przedmiotu: kliknij  
[12.XII.2012] An example of the non-semiotic analysis... How to report the news  
[15.X.2012] The course is scheduled spring semester 2012/13  

Every day we encounter and make use of so-called media. The term refers to: traditional forms (newspapers, magazines, radio, tv), new channels for communicating meanings (Internet, esp. WWW) as well as shop signs, posters, traffic lights... In recent times, one of the most powerful and influential ways of thinking about media has been the approach known as semiotics. The course could be understood as an introduction to key notions of semiotics (theory of signs). The analyses of different kinds of written and audio-visual media will be used to introduce, discuss and evaluate semiotic methods. During the consecutive meetings we will scrutinise advertisements, magazines, daily newspapers and web pages. The course is meant as a kind of extension of the obligatory course in Semiotics, embracing also elements of Media Studies or Communication Studies. It should also prepare students for the course in Cognitive Semiotics (to be held in English).



  Introduction: about Media semiotics Informacja o fakultecie
  Lecture I: Signs - key terminology Wykład I
  Lecture II: Adveritisements Wykład II
  Lecture III: Newspapers Wykład III
  Lecture IV: Television news Wykład IV
  Lecture V: Television: realism and fiction Wykład V
  Lecture VI: Cinema Wykład V
  Lecture VII: Interactive media Wykład VIII
  Bibliografia Bibliografia, dokument w formacie pdf
  • The course will be held in the "lecture with a participation of audience" manner (a mixture of the lecture and classes)
  • Evaluation based on:
  • 1. student's analysis of a chosen media text (an article, an advertisement, tv broadcast, web blog etc.) in terms of a semiotic theory
  • (2) or written test checking the knowledge of key terms and approaches (within semiotics, media theory, communication theory)
  • (3) attendance.
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